The birdcage veil. Awesome Etsy finds!

Personally,I love them. The birdcage veil. Classic beauty. I am so thrilled to see them back in style. My Fiance not so much lol. When I told him of my intentions to get one, he was not as excited as I was.
I said to him “Isn’t this cute!!”
He said…
“Cute if youre my Grandma”
My thought then was…if your Grandma had one I would take it! Along with her old prom dress too!!

Here are some fab finds from Etsy

OMG!! These awesome styles are from annemichelleheirloom.
Her prices are PERFECT (around $45.00)

Be sure to check out her stunning combs as well!
Our next awesome Esty seller is veillady

I just LOVE the one below!!

Only $28.00!! Gotta love it!!
This next seller has stolen my heart!! VintageBox1947
OMG! The above is PINK!!

Seriously..this is STUNNING!!

I can go on forever here, but I would like to show one more site!

Brenda’s Bridal Veils

Her selection is huge

Hummm..I wonder if I can pull one of these off with my dress?Shhhh don’t tell my Fiance!!


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Here comes the groom!

We always seem to forget about the groom. Well not really, but he sure does take a back seat to all of the planning! I decided to focus on some cool groom styles. From classic and elegant, to country and chic.These are all styles to die for and will surely make your man look as wonderful as you!

Something very classic. For all those ladies scared to put the men in pink..worry no more!

This all black I just LOVE. How chic can you get!
The caption on the below says it all. Having an Old Hollywood theme? Take it back to the Rat pack with the guys! This is from Men’s Wearhouse. FAB!!

Headed to the beach? This is simply classic!
 The look of chocolate.
Here is something clean and chic. Perfect for that backyard wedding!
How sexy can a gray suit get? Pretty sexy!
Simply Vintage!

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baby’s breath wedding decor

We all know brides have a budget.How is it possible to make your wedding and reception look romantic with real flowers and not break the bank?
Baby’s Breath.
It just goes to show…you can get fab on a budget!!

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I cheated on my dress…

I did what I was afraid I would do..cheat on my dress, BIG TIME. Let me share the story…

Saturday my MOH came out to try on some dresses at the place I purchased my gown from. She asked me how come we weren’t looking at any other salons..My reply was
“Because I will be tempted to cheat on my dress”
She said she understood and we continued looking through the bridesmaid dresses.
My MOH really loved one style dress, I looked at the price and got sticker shock! I said to my Cousin (my Maid of Honor)
“I know Jamie has this dress a TON cheaper” (Jamie is the owner of Bella Sposa in Tinley Park, Illinois)
My MOH then said “well, lets go!!”
So we went to go see Jamie at Bella Sposa Salon.

My MOH felt jipped because she only saw me in ONE dress. So she MADE me try on others.. Jamie didn’t want me to..she didn’t want me to fall in love. I grabbed a dress off the sample rack and threw it on.
Thats when trouble hit. My MOH started CRYING and got goose bumps all over..I got very emotional as well. I actually FELT like a bride for the first time!! OH NOOO!!!!

I called Chris to tell him the bad news..I found another dress and I HAVE to have it. Guess what he said..
JUST GET IT!! (The sample was $99.00, with alterations it will run about $350.00)
Here is the shitty news….

I bought my dress and paid in full. All sales final. So my MOH called the other salon and expressed the issue..
They took off the additional price of the alterations and the extra length, so that I can get refunded. That alone covers the cost of the new dress with the new alterations (I am getting $425.00 back)

SOOOOOOOOOOO..I now have 2 dresses for what I paid for one!!
I will be selling my Casablanca dress but at least now I dont feel as though I spent MORE money. In the end, we broke even and I still stayed under budget!!
Girls this dress is amazing. The pics are awful because they are from my cell. I always wanted a dress with pickups but every one I tried on never looked good on me.

I got the princess gown I always wanted but never looked good in.

It was nothing but fate!! I owe it all to my MOH (My cousin) for this one!!

My Gown is from the awesome Bella Sposa Boutique .

If you like in the Chicago land area you MUST visit Jamie at Bella Sposa. Her and her staff are wonderful. She also has a sample sale going on where gowns start at 99 bucks!

Heres the front of my NEW dress! It is taffeta and a bright white. In the picture the pleats under the bust are not laying correctly. That will be corrected once the gown is fitted.

The back bustled..How stunning is this!! Jamie did the bustle and I ADORE it!! Girls, I really do feel like a bride.

So much for being faithful…


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Coco Myles. All hail the bridesmaids!!

Ok, I have been looking for BM dresses forever. My dilemma is “hey its a damn recession!” My girls are purchasing their own dresses and to ask them to pay 300 for a dress is just flat out stupid. Let’s not forget that I have to pay for my dress, the dresses for my 2 daughters, My FH’s tux and my 2 sons tux rentals as well. I have to purchase for a  family of 6 for wedding attire.
While all my BMs said as long as I dont go over 250, its fine..I still just cant do it..not even for myself (like I said I have to dress a family of 6!)
So a while ago, my MOH found a site called coco myles.

Let me tell you..AMAZING!! You ladies HAVE to check them out.
I have ordered fabric swatches from them before (FREE!) and they were FAST. I got them in 2 days!
You can pick different skirts to different tops etc…Gotta love the custom! To be honest, they blow away Davids Bridal with the mix and match.
Their turn around time for a custom dress is 6 weeks. I have yet to design any dress that cost more than 140 bucks!
I have also found some reviews:

as well as one from the BBB (They gave the company an  A-!!)

After some more research on the site, they also say the following:

We also offer mix-and-match sizing whereby our Custom Couture dresses can be made with the top and bottom in different sizes. The dress is still a one-piece gown but simply uses different sizing for the tops and bottom that may be better suited to your body type. We recommend using this service if your bust and waist measurements are off by more than two sizes as per our specifications (e.g., size 8 bust and size 14 waist). There is an additional $20.00 charge for this service. If you’d like to use this service, please add $20.00 to our Additional Charges field at checkout. Please then send us an email after you order to advise us of the specific sizing you need for the top and bottom of the dress. We’ll then confirm all details in a return email confirmation to you..
The lengths of our dresses vary depending on style. We provide the lengths for each of our dresses in our Dress Specification window located next to the measuring tape icon. If you would like to have our dresses made with additional length, or less length, we can do this for an additional charge of $10.00 (up to 6″). If this is something you’re interested in, please email us. You can also just add $10.00 to the Additional Charges field at checkout and then email us to advise how many inches we should add or subtract from the dress length. We will then confirm your order, including length details, via email.

OK that alone sold me. Most salons charge and arm and a leg for extra length or to shorten a hem.

So I have decided that the girls will rock out the CoCo Myles dresses.
As far as style etc..I am still unsure. I have dealt with their customer service before and they are FANTASTIC. I asked them to send me some real pictures of a few skirt styles, I will post them as soon as I receive them.

Now, take a look at each picture closely. The price is there. If you notice the bottom of the dress picture you will see exact measurements. Theres a drop down menu and as the sizes change, the measurements change..FAB!!

Posted are some of the styles I am thinking of for my girls.
I hope this helps some of you ladies in the quest for a custom BM dress that wont break the bank, has a awesome BBB rating and gets rave reviews from other brides!!



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Shoes. Did someone say shoes?

Ahhh shoes. What woman doesn’t love shoes? A brides wedding day gives her the opportunity to splurge on something we normally dont splurge on. Most women dont drop 200 bucks o a pair of shoes to go clubbing in..but our wedding day…Thats different! The funny thing is, no one sees them (well unless you get a great photographer that gets every candid shot imaginable)
So lets talk shoes. The reasonable and the “Oh no you didn’t”

Lets starts with coloriffics. Great prices and wonderful shoes!! Take a look at some of these beauties!!

 The above style is called  SIERRA. They sell for $72.95
Colors are ivory, latte,white and silver. They also sell them in a lower heel and their called Carmen.

Here is a stunner!! Called Atlantis. They retail for $84.95(below)

Check out the heels on these babies!!

That is style CORONADO $69.95. They come in silver, gold and black!

We all love glitter!! These silver glitter beauties are stunning and affordable!

Style:GALA  $55.95
Now Zappos has a wonderful selection of bridal shoes. They start and $50.00 and up
You can visit them here.

Touch Ups Sharmaine &64.00

Kate Spade Gali $348.00
RSVP style Portia $57.90

Ok, I LOVE these babies and I think I will be getting them!!
Martinez Valero Skyler !$117.25(above)
Calvin Klein Pretty $159.95
Ohh how we all love Nina!! Nina Xtina $99.95
I could go on with Zappos all day long. Ladies be sure to check them out. I have personally ordered from them in the past and had nothing but the best service. Make sure you read the reviews on each of the shoes. Many brides post reviews on their comfort and if they are true to fit.

They also have a awesome “something blue” category!!
I want to also add a great site called my My Glass Slipper
They have a tone of designer dyeable wedding shoes priced reasonable to pretty darn high.
Stay tuned for more posts on shoes. I can’t get enough of them!


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